Bradford offers a range of high performance PIR boards and glasswool boards for underslab and under soffit applications.

Building insulation products are available in a wide range of densities, thicknesses, widths and lengths, and with a choice of facings to meet specific project requirements.

Xtratherm High performance insulation that achieves significant thermal performance in a slimline, rigid board profile. Provides a continuous thermal barrier across various roof, wall, soffit and floor elements.

Bradford's range of products for commercial & industrial underslab applications:

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Martini acoustic polyester products offer a wide range of solutions for commercial projects, from wall and ceiling insulation for reducing noise transfer between areas, to decorative absorptive panels to help reduce reverberation and improve the acoustic comfort of a space.


Xtratherm is a high performance building insulation that achieves significant thermal performance in a slimline, rigid board profile that is ideal for underslab applications.

Industrial Glasswool board & blanket has many applications as a general building insulation product to enhance both thermal and acoustic performance. Bradford offers a range of Glasswool board and blanket products to suit a range of applications.

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Safebridge essentially uses the depth of the purlins to provide a cavity for the insulation to recover to its design thickness, rather than create a space above the purlin.

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