Safebridge Roof Purlin System

Safebridge on pitched roof with ceiling. Create spec at DesignSmart.

Safebridge® is an innovative roofing system that incorporates BCA compliance as well as safety into an integrated system developed through the cooperation of Metroll, Bradford Insulation, Australian Mesh, Buildex and Safebridge. The system provides a user friendly, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing design solution, which during the roof fabrication stage offers an improved level of safety to workers.


Safebridge® essentially uses the depth of the purlins to provide a cavity for the insulation to recover to its design thickness, rather than create a space above the purlin. Through the development of a patented bridging system & keyway, Safebridge® allows the purlin bridging to be set at a predetermined height which ensures full recovery of the insulation to its design thickness.

Features and Benefits

A unique feature of this system is the application of the safety mesh between the purlins, rather than over the top of the purlins. This configuration eliminates the need to ‘lap’ safety mesh and cover the purlins, resulting in potential wire mesh material cost savings. Additionally, this method of assembly allows the use of the Safebridge® Wire Pulley system which not only saves time in applying the wire mesh, but also removes roof workers from the exposed edge of the roof during construction.

Roof sheet application remains as per the selected manufacturers specification, with direct attachment to the top face of the purlin. This results in a lower roof line when compared to traditional roof spacers that elevate the roof sheet above the purlin.

Installation Video
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